The Industry Data for Society Partnership Welcomes Ookla as a New Partner

May 03, 2023

Today, the Industry Data for Society Partnership (IDSP) welcomes Ookla®, a global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications, data and analysis, as a new partner.

Established in 2022, the IDSP is a cross-industry partnership with a mission to help advance more open and accessible private-sector data for societal good. Open data plays a critical role in enabling faster research and collaboration across industries and with the public sector. Members of the IDSP agree to provide greater access to their data, where appropriate, to help tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges in areas such as sustainability and inclusive economic growth. 

The addition of Ookla to the partnership brings new insights into the challenges many communities face due to a lack of broadband coverage and connectivity. Their Speedtest® platform is used by millions of people around the world to test and measure the performance of their internet connections. This data can be used to improve the quality and reliability of internet connectivity, which is critical for economic development, education, healthcare and inclusion.

“Similar to electricity, water, or good roads, connectivity has become part of the infrastructure of modern life. Reliable and equitable access to connectivity helps create opportunities for educational, economic, and both personal and societal growth. Through our Ookla for Good program, we offer open datasets to help inform policy decisions, address critical societal issues, and move toward fulfilling our vision of a future with better connectivity for all. We’re proud to be part of the Industry Data for Society Partnership and believe accurate, accessible data is a key component for helping improve connected experiences.” – Chip Strange, Chief Strategy Officer at Ookla

Ookla provides data on a complimentary basis to policy makers, humanitarian organizations, and academic research institutions through the Ookla for Good™ program – an initiative created in order to provide data, analysis, and content to organizations that are seeking to improve people’s lives through internet accessibility.

In 2020, the program launched Global Fixed and Mobile Network Performance Maps, an open dataset that provides a worldwide view of fixed broadband and mobile network performance to those trying to improve the state of networks. The release of this data amidst the COVID-19 pandemic sparked much needed conversations around digital inequity as internet access became a necessity for many. Since then, countless organizations have used this dataset to make informed decisions on internet connectivity, development, education, disaster response, public health, and economic growth – including the European Commission and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

As the initiative grows and conversations around connectivity evolve, Ookla for Good is committed to supporting the endeavors of institutions seeking to understand the global state of network responsiveness. Ookla continues to take proactive steps such as improving metrics and creating user tutorials, with the ultimate goal of providing the most high-quality, accessible datasets possible.

About Ookla

Ookla® is a global leader in network intelligence and connectivity insights. For almost two decades, Ookla has set the industry standard for both fixed and mobile network testing and analysis. From its world-renowned Speedtest® and Downdetector® platforms to an accompanying and growing suite of end-to-end enterprise solutions, Ookla’s mission is to measure, understand, and help improve connected experiences.

About the IDSP

The Industry Data for Society Partnership (IDSP) is committed to making private sector data more open and accessible to address societal challenges. This partnership serves as a channel for the private sector to drive attention toward the importance of data sharing and collaboration to help society. The Industry Data for Society Partnership also serves as a forum to foster connections between industry and the public sector, researchers, and academics. We believe these collaborations are an essential part of creating solutions for key societal challenges.