Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Industry Data for Society Partnership?

The Industry Data for Society Partnership (IDSP) calls on private industry organizations to open and provide greater access to data, where appropriate, to help address some of the world’s biggest societal issues. The partnership is focused on advancing real-world impact from more open data and we believe it will make a significant contribution to accelerating solutions to challenges facing society. 

What commitments are expected of the partners? 

Partnering companies commit to the following actions: 

  • Providing open data or greater access to data, where appropriate, to help solve pressing societal problems in a usable, responsible, and inclusive manner. 
  • Sharing knowledge and information for the effective use of open data and data collaboration for social benefit. 
  • Investing to skill a broad class of professionals to use data effectively and responsibly for social impact.
  • Protecting individuals’ privacy in all of these activities. 

What type of projects will the partnership advance? 

The Industry Data for Society Partnership will develop a program of work that advances the core commitments of the partnership, including providing greater access to data to help address societal issues, sharing knowledge and information on the use of open data, and skilling professionals to use data effectively. 

What data are the members of the IDSP sharing?

Through the partnership, each company commits to providing open data or greater access to data, where appropriate, for societal good. The data that is shared and made accessible will be determined by the participating company. For examples of data made available, visit “Data Resources” on the “Our Work” page. 

It is important to note that as members of the IDSP, we commit to this work while also knowing that protecting individuals’ privacy is foundational in all that we do. We commit to protecting individuals’ privacy by employing privacy-enhancing technologies, establishing trusted data collaborations for data shared with partners and researchers, and applying other technologies and methods, as appropriate.  

How can government entities, researchers, and others engage with the partnership?

We invite governments, researchers, multi-lateral organizations, and others to contact the partnership to learn more about opportunities to engage with industry around open data. Please reach out using the “Contact Us” form or email:  

How can my company join the partnership? 

We are open to engaging with companies across sectors that are aligned to the commitments and want to make their data more open or accessible for societal good. Companies interested in learning more about the partnership, including how they might join, should reach out using the “Contact Us” form or email: