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Industry Data for Society Partnership

Putting data to work to benefit people around the world 

Data can help us understand, visualize, and solve some of the most pressing societal challenges the world faces today. When we make data more open and accessible, we can innovate faster and advance real-world impact, together. 

Addressing climate change. Promoting inclusive economic growth. Advancing accessibility and equity. These are just some of the societal challenges our world faces that could benefit from greater access to data. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world witnessed how more open and accessible data can drive faster research and greater collaboration to develop solutions, as seen with the rapid development of vaccines. We believe there is an opportunity to apply this collaborative approach towards other critical areas. 

Through the Industry Data for Society Partnership (IDSP) we are committing to making private industry data more accessible so that nonprofits, researchers, private companies, and governments can work together to better understand today’s societal challenges – and more importantly take decisive and informed action to solve them. 

Open Data for Climate Action

IDSP members in partnership with the Open Data Institute host a panel at the State of Open Con 23 on the benefits of collaboration between the public and private sectors to tackle the climate crisis.