Ookla Releases Their 5G Map Data to Further Internet Equity

March 28, 2024

Access to a reliable internet connection is a fundamental human right, and Ookla has maintained this belief since its founding.

As a proud member of the IDSP, Ookla supports efforts of bringing fast, reliable connectivity to every person. Ookla makes data available on a complimentary basis through its Ookla for Good initiative, establishing industry partnerships and sharing publicly available datasets. In the past year, these datasets have been utilized by organizations such as the OECD to drive meaningful understanding and change in the ongoing effort for universal internet accessibility.

In addition to these existing datasets, Ookla is excited to announce that the data from its 5G map was recently made publicly available.

The Ookla 5G Map™ was launched in May of 2019 to highlight 5G technology expansion on a global level. As 5G has developed extensively over the last 5 years, Ookla decided to release this data publicly to continue encouraging vital discussions around internet equity.

The final 5G data from the map can be downloaded here.